Guyana: APNU floats 70:30 ratio for House seats

NEGOTIATIONS between the A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) and Alliance for Change (AFC) for the revision of the Cummingsburg Accord is expected to focus on the formula that would be used to guide the allocation of ministries and seats in the National Assembly.

According to reliable sources, during the high-level meeting between President David Granger and the Leader of the Alliance for Change (AFC) last Thursday at State House, the two sides agreed that the AFC would nominate the Prime Ministerial Candidate, in accordance with the existing Cummingsburg Accord. This week, it is expected that the negotiating teams will hammer out a formula for the allocation of seats in the National Assembly, and at the level of the Regional Democratic Councils.

Under the old Cummingsburg Accord, which brought the two political parties together as a coalition on February 14, 2015, the APNU was allocated 60 per cent of the seats won by the Government in the National Assembly, while the remaining 40percentwent to the AFC. “Both sides have shifted their starting ratio from 60:40, but no agreement,” the source said.


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