Dominican Republic: PRM will register 2.4 million for the 2020 elections

The Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) yesterday began the third phase of its registration of militants, Premil III with the aim of registering two million 474 thousand 848 new members, with a view to the municipal elections in February and congress and presidential elections in May 2020.

The information was offered at the event “Growing up with change” organized by the Operations Coordination of the National Campaign Command Luis Abinader President.

Among the participants are the president of the PRM, Senator José Paliza, his presidential candidate, Luis Abinader and the leaders César Cedeño, Deligne Ascensión, Roberto Fulcar and Pedro Quezada.
Paliza explained that according to what the PRM job surveys indicate, those that other parties and interested parties are doing, and the PRM is the main party in electoral support.

He called the hundreds of national, provincial, municipal and constituency leaders present at the event, that the determination to win must be based on numbers, statistics and processes related to the management of the vote, as conceived in the areas of Operations and Party computing.


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