Bahamas: Now Lecturers Rebel Over Govt Pay Offer-82 Cents A Day

THE Union of Tertiary Educators of The Bahamas expects to hold a mass demonstration today, incensed by a University of The Bahamas proposal to increase salaries by a meagre 82 cents per day.

According to UTEB president Daniel Thompson, members are “insulted” and view the proposal that equates to about $300 per year as a “slap in the face”, especially since it mainly applies to educators with master’s and doctoral degrees.

UTEB is also angered by UB’s lack of urgency to finalise an industrial agreement that expired in 2017.

“Disheartened” by the situation, Mr Thompson said the union has no choice but to walk out of UB’s classrooms today to make their complaints public. He said UTEB will be backed by other unions when it assembles at UB’s main waterfall entrance at 2pm.

The salary scale for assistant professors at UB is between $37,660 and $63,310 with a master’s degree, according to salary scales in UTEB’s expired industrial agreement.

The scale for assistant professors with doctoral degrees ranges from $42,160 to $71,410.

Most UB educators,The Tribune was told yesterday, fall within these categories.


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