Dominican Republic: Congress will analyze quality education for productive nation

In order to increase the quality of the educational system, it is necessary to innovate in the pedagogical processes in the school management and in the educational contents, forcing to review the pedagogical practices, the innovations that neuroscience brings and integrating the technologies in a disruptive way ”, said Darwin Caraballo yesterday , executive director of Business Action for Education (Educa).

From its perspective, the relationships between innovation and productivity are directly influenced by the quality of the education system.
Caraballo referred to the issue during the launch, in coordination with the Banco Popular Dominicano, of the twenty-third edition of the International Education Congress I learn 2019, to be held from 22 to 24 this month, at the Renaissance Jaragua hotel.

He said that with an endorsement of 23 years uninterrupted and cataloged as the dean of education events in the country and throughout the Latin American region, the congress constitutes the forum of professionals of that most successful discipline of the Dominican Republic, gathering in each edition more of a thousand educators and dozens of exhibitors.


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