Trinidad: Khan-No conflict with petroleum dealers

ENERGY Minister Franklin Khan said yesterday, there was no conflict between Government and petroleum dealers about sustainable fuel margins for the latter.

Khan was confident a solution to the issue could be reached within the next two to three weeks.

On Tuesday, 32 gas stations (mostly Unipet stations) were closed. Many drivers had to go to National Petroleum Marketing Company (NP) gas stations to buy fuel. In an interview on CNC3, Khan said, “There has always been peace and there will always be peace.”

He said in a regulated environment, the State has to be fair.

Khan said NP, Unipet and the Petroleum Dealers Association (PDA) offer a service to TT, run legitimate businesses and “it is their right to seek profitability.”

But he said the State ensures that the consumer is always protected. While no laws were broken by the closure of some gas stations on Tuesday, Khan felt the matter could have been handled with a little more discretion.


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