Haiti – News :

3 traders wounded with machetes
Tuesday in Gonaïves, 3 traders were wounded with machetes by Francky Mergélus, at the communal market. One of the victims is in critical condition. The perpetrator of these acts was apprehended by the population who “beat him” before handing him over to the police…

“Self-destruction is our strength”
“On Monday we heard the President give his reading of the country’s situation. […] The protagonists are light years away from each other. We must expect a total collapse of the first Black Republic. Self-destruction is our strength,” said economist Eddy N. Labossière

Government warning
The government warns the rioters and the ransomers of motorists and bystanders in the protest movements and informs them that the police and the justice will act to put an end to these practices…

“The crisis is no longer sustainable”
“After 3 statements, President Jovenel Moïse made no opening to popular protest. The Head of State must listen to his people and make the necessary arrangements. It requires a meeting between the 3 powers of the State to decide the future of the Nation. The Head of State is not alone on board. Obviously this crisis is no longer sustainable,” said Gary Bodeau, Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies, following the President’s last speech on Monday on a radio station in the capital.


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