Dominican Republic: The Senate approves the Customs Law project on first reading

With the aim of modernizing the customs regime, the Senate approved yesterday at first reading the draft Customs Law of the Dominican Republic.

The initiative, authored by Senators Rafael Porfirio Calderón and Charlie Mariotti, seeks to facilitate and expedite foreign trade operations, control and control the passage of goods through customs territory.

In addition, to receive the taxes established by law and the prosecution of illegal conduct that threatens the management and control of a customs and foreign trade nature, as well as to develop and administer the execution of the precepts of legislation and international treaties.

Legislators also sanctioned the Public-Private Partnerships project, which in its first article states that the law aims to “establish a regulatory framework that regulates the initiation, selection, adjudication, contracting, execution, monitoring and extinction of public private alliances ”. The legislative piece is authored by Senator Mariotti, from Monte Plata.

In the communication sent by President Danilo Medina to the president of the Senate, Reinaldo Pared Pérez, it is indicated that “with strategic alliances of this nature, social and economic policies will be strengthened, while ensuring the necessary investment flows to modernize and provide timely maintenance to the different service networks and public goods ”.


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