NATIONAL Petroleum Marketing Company (NP) and Paria Fuel Trading Company on Tuesday sought to assure the public that there was no fuel shortage in the country. But, several Unipet stations were closed. This resulted in many drivers going to NP gas stations to get their fuel. These events happened as the Petroleum Dealers Association called for more sustainable fuel margins for dealers.

In a statement, Paria said it loaded road tank wagons from NP and Unipet at the Pointe a Pierre gantry between Saturday and Monday.

Paria said NP loaded 44,000 barrels of fuel (13,500 barrels at the gantry and 31,000 barrels at the Pointe a Pierre port) and Unipet loaded just over 10,000 barrels at the gantry. The company added that it continues to have healthy inventories of all categories of liquid fuel. In a separate statement, NP said it noted a report circulating on social media regarding the proposed shutdown of fuel operations at some service stations on Tuesday.


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