Dominican Republic: PLD leaders continue march towards The Force of the People

The departure of leaders of the Dominican Libration Party (PLD) continues towards the La Fuerza del Pueblo movement, after the resignation of former president Leonel Fernández of that organization.

In the afternoon of yesterday 22 members of the Central Committee of the Eastern and Southern regions of the ruling party announced their irrevocable resignation, joining other senior leaders who have also formalized their resignation.

They described as worrying the path by which a group has routed to the PLD, a party founded by Juan Bosch, with an essence that no longer exists today, noting that they leave behind more than 30 years of historical militancy.

Renunciators include Quisqueya Lantigua, Noris Medina, Mariano Montero Vallejo, Carlos Manuel Pérez Carvajal, Rafael Suero, Estela Paredes, Josefina Tamárez, Frank López, Franklin Rodríguez, Félix Alcántara, Liselotte Arias, Juan Rodríguez Ramírez, Efrain Rodríguez, Hanoi Sánchez Paniagua , Francisco Bautista, Welcome Montero, Mariano Morla, Raúl Custodio, Fran Rodríguez, Luis Bartolo Bautista and Pedro Rojas Morillo.

“We understand that the PLD has been kidnapped by a petulant, rancid dome that responds to private interests and private corporations, far from the principles of its foundation,” they said.


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