Trinidad: MSJ supports legal marijuana

THE Movement for Social Justice (MSJ), will be very involved with the mobilisation and with solidarity with organisations that have been calling for the legalisation of marijuana. Speaking at the MSJ headquarters on Lord Street, San Fernando, yesterday, MSJ leader David Abdulah said it was through public pressure that government was going to move on the issue of legalising marijuana.

“Medical marijuana can be effective in treating ailments such as asthma and epilepsy.”

He pointed out that MSJ activist Daniel George began a walk a few days ago symbolically from his home in Point Fortin to San Fernando in order to highlight the need for the country to have available medical marijuana.

“This is to treat his children who suffer from a number of illnesses,” Abdulah said.

One year ago Abdulah initiated a process at the University of the West Indies (UWI) where he convened discussions across faculties. There was going to be a group that would lead the research on the issue but nothing has come out of it. Abdulah said he was again trying to get a major academic conference going on the issue.


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