Haiti – FLASH : Demonstrations more and more violent

On Sunday, protesters calling among others for the resignation of President Jovenel Moïse, on the of to Delmas, in front of the Canadian Embassy, ​​burned a pile of tires blackening the entrance facade. In Delmas 75, protesters burned a vehicle near the same embassy.

In Delmas 71 protesters attempted to burn a UNIBANK branch in the Lafayette complex, setting fire to the ATM, firefighters arrived in time to prevent the spread.

Protesters on the Delmas road set fire to the generator of BANJ, Delmas 66.

The restaurant La Coupole, between Delmas 71 and 73 was also the target of a fire…

Police officers who were demonstrating in civilian to demand better treatment (salary, disciplinary regulations, insurance, etc…) fired in the air during their march, while others heavy weapons were heard along the way. Despite a warning from the high command of the PNH, the protesting police offciers walked, in particular, the road of Delmas to end in front of the General Directorate of the police institution, in Pétion-ville, where they exposed their claims.


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