EU Approves Brexit Delay Until Jan. 31 As Johnson Hopes To Trigger General Election

Following reports that the Lib Dems and SNP are preparing to support Boris Johnson’s bid to hold new elections in December, leaders of the EU27 have apparently overcome their doubts about approving another extension of Article 50 (France’s Emmanuel Macron was reportedly dragging his feet, just like he did the last time around).

In a Monday morning tweet, EU Council President Donald Tusk announced that the leaders of the EU would accept Johnson’s request (made under legal duress) for another Brexit “flextension” until Jan. 31, 2020. The decision, Tusk said, will be “formalized” by a written procedure, which means that EU leaders will not need to hold a summit in Brussels to sign off.

According to the FT, the ministers agreed to the extension at a brief, 20-minute meeting Monday morning. All that’s left now is for the capitals of the EU to officially sign off on the legal procedures, which is expected to take a few days.

The pound was little-changed on the news of the Brexit extension, as the news was  widely expected by the markets.

Now, attention turns to London, where LibDem Party leader Jo Swinson is waiting for Johnson’s response to a one-page draft bill that would call for the general election vote on Dec. 9. Last week, it was reported that Johnson would ask Parliament to vote for fresh elections on Dec. 12.


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