Over the past 69 years, the Young Women’s Christian Association (YWCA) of Barbados has made entrepreneurs out of thousands of women across the island.

President Margaret Pollard is therefore calling on those persons who have benefitted from the skills taught at this noble institution to give back.

“I want you to start thinking in terms of how you can help the YWCA; don’t begin by asking how the Y can help you, think of how and what you can give to the Y…We are also calling on you young people out there with all types of skill sets to bring it to the Y, we need you. We are hoping to find someone who can teach Animation, a lucrative field to get into.”

Her comments came during the YWCA’s 69th Anniversary Tea Party at the Barbados Yacht Club, on Saturday, to raise funds for their Breakfast Club Programme for primary and secondary school children.

The Breakfast Club, launched in 2007, has gone from serving a nutritious breakfast to 30 children to providing that meal for in excess of 1 300 children.


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