Bahamas: Out Of Touch-Former Speaker Blasts ‘Mediocre, Tribal’ Parliament

THE Minnis administration-led Parliament is “deeply tribal,” “mediocre” and “unproductive”, according to former House Speaker Dr Kendal Major.

He contended the institution has driven disconnect between politics and the general public.

Days after House Speaker Halson Moultrie came under fire for his open rebuke of a Nassau Guardian reporter – who used her cell phone to take photos during a sitting – and criticising the Press, Dr Major publicly addressed the situation suggesting he might have handled it differently.

While he was careful not to directly criticise his successor, Dr Major did not mince his words when it came to the affairs of this session of Parliament under the Free National Movement’s direction.

“How the Parliament is conducted today I believe is deeply tribal, unprincipled in many respects and uninspiring to our young people,” the former Garden Hills MP told Progressive Liberal Party supporters at a Marathon youth meeting on Friday night.

“In many respects, it’s mediocre and unproductive; from the bills, to the process, to the procedures. There is a lot that needs to be answered and needs to be addressed among our people today.


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