Dominican Republic: PLD will have Temo Montás as interim president

The Political Committee (CP) of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), headed by President Danilo Medina, last night accepted the resignation of former President Leonel Fernández, and agreed to present Juan Temístocles Montás to the Central Committee (CC) to occupy those interim functions.

The CC was also convened for Monday at 4:00 pm, where in addition to ratifying Montás, the vacancies of seven CP members, six resigners and one deceased, of 13 secretaries and dozens of other members will be completed organisms. The meeting will be in the Welcome Sandoval Room of the National House of the PLD.

Accept waivers. Similarly, the CP accepted all waivers submitted in writing to the general secretariat or made known through the media and social networks.

The resigning CP members are Fernández, Rafael Alburquerque, Bautista Rojas Gómez, Franklin Almeyda and Radhamés Jiménez, to support Fernández. José Joaquín Bido Medina did it for health problems and will be a member ad vitam; Juan de los Santos passed away.


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