Bahamas: Grand Bahama Will Get Its New Hospital, Says Minnis

PRIME Minister Dr Hubert Minnis said on Monday Grand Bahama would have “a hospital” as soon as possible but did not indicate whether a new facility will be built as previously promised during his party’s election campaign.

He was questioned about when a new hospital would be built for Grand Bahama during Monday’s HoA signing for a new $64m medical school in Freeport.

The Rand Memorial Hospital was severely damaged during Hurricane Dorian, which resulted in flooding of over 70 percent of the hospital.

Water levels reached up to four to five feet in some areas, and concerns were raised by staff about safety at the facility due to the exposure of black water intrusion (raw sewerage).

In early October, many hospital workers, including hospital administrators, took to Facebook saying that a new facility is immediately needed for Grand Bahama.

On Monday, following the announcement of a proposed 98,000 sq ft medical campus by Western Atlantic University School of Medicine, The Tribune asked the prime minister when a new hospital would be constructed in Grand Bahama.


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