Bahamas: ‘We’Ll Stand Up To Bigots And Bullies’: Rights Bahamas Warns Churches On Anti-Gay Stance

RIGHTS Bahamas has warned the Bahamas Christian Council that bullying or hate speech levelled at the LGBTI community will be met with forceful local and international opposition, and if needed, action in court.

The human rights watchdog sided with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex activist Alexus D’Marco’s view that recent comments from BCC president Bishop Delton Fernander could lead to violence against the marginalised community.

As a result, Rights Bahamas cautioned BCC that any means to intimidate the minority group would not be tolerated.

Earlier this week, Ms D’Marco accused BCC of using trickery and encouraging violence against the community instead of rejecting continued injustices toward them.

Ms D’Marco, chair of the Bahamas Organisation of LGBTI Affairs, and an organiser of a pride parade slated for next year, was responding to Bishop Fernander’s assertion that BCC would not support the event, adding there were plans to host an opposing rally to make its position known.


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