Dominican Republic: The Ceagana D-1 project increases milk production by more than 300%

The Livestock Project D-1, of the Division of Livestock and Buoy (Ceagana) of the State Sugar Council (CEA), increased milk production by 300%, which has allowed the payment of past due debts.

The information was provided by the Minister of Agriculture, Osmar Benítez, who said that this increase has occurred after that institution assumed the direction of Ceagana.

He said that the increase in milk production by 300% has allowed the project to comply with late debt payments.

The official said that the increase in milk productivity in the Livestock Project D-1, which went from 3.5 liters per day per cow to 12 liters per day, sold at 20 pesos per liter, generates the sum of RD $ 345,600 per month, with an amount of 48 animals.

He recalled that “before only RD $ 100,000 per month was received and now we receive an increase of more than RD $ 300,000, which means that the genetic nucleus of the cows must be profitable, produce milk or serve as recipients.”

He stressed that only the production of milk covers the cost of food or pastures of cattle daily, in addition to meeting the debts that had accumulated when each cow generated 3.5 liters of milk daily.

The Minister of Agriculture said that the decision to pass the Livestock Project D-1 to the Ministry of Agriculture was “good.” He added that this project has 48 cows, which were fertilized in-vitro.


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