Bahamas: After Battling The Hurricane, Residents Now Face An Infestation Of Rodents And Flies

RESIDENTS in Hudson Estates, Grand Bahama, are very concerned about the large piles of debris that have been left in that private subdivision since the passage of Hurricane Dorian seven weeks ago.

They complained that the mounds of debris and garbage lining their streets pose a serious health and environmental hazard for families there. They say they are being overrun by rodents, flies, roaches, and mosquitoes.

After surviving the worst storm-related flooding in their homes in decades, Hudson Estates residents lost all of their possessions. Damaged furnishings, appliances, and mattresses have been thrown outdoors.

The area – made up of three subdivisions – was among the hardest hit areas on Grand Bahama.

“My concern is that there is a lot of garbage, and no one coming to move it,” said a resident who asked to be identified as Ms Davis. ‘It is getting ridiculous because we have all kinds of flies, roaches, (odour) – everything is coming out because of the garbage piled up around here.”

The elderly resident thinks the debris should have been removed by now.


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