Dominican Republic: Medina says he has been a better President than Leonel Fernández

President Danilo Medina said yesterday that his administration has been above the periods headed by the resigning head of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) Leonel Fernández, and said he did not fear that he will concretize an alliance with the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM) to next year’s elections, which he defined as a union between “macos and cacatas”, which did not prosper in the past elementary.

At the assembly, the secretary general, Reinaldo Pared Perez, announced that the Political Committee was convened for Thursday, where he will decide and must convene the Central to elect a provisional president until the next congress.

Meanwhile, Medina revealed that it was the Political Committee that decided to be the candidate in 2012 and not Vice President Margarita Cedeño. He said that it is not true that Cedeño had an advantage of 30 points and that they withdrew it, as Fernández said, since such a measurement was never made.

“I don’t know if it took me 30 points because it was never measured. What I do know is that that Political Committee that is there told him we do not accept that candidacy (Margarita Cedeño), the candidate we are going to support is Danilo Medina, ”he said.


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