Bahamas: Doctors’ Strike Ruled Unlawful

THE Bahamas Doctors Union has been prohibited from engaging in any form of industrial action over millions in outstanding holiday pay, after a Supreme Court judge ruled yesterday that the group’s recent strike action was unlawful.

Justice Ian Winder, in a written ruling, ordered that the union, its officers, servants and agents are now restrained from “organising or procuring its members to strike or to refuse to report to work when scheduled to do so”.

Justice Winder further ruled that union members are prohibited from leaving their place of employment, or otherwise participating “in any other form of industrial action” going forward.

The judge said the BDU “contravened” Section 76 of the Industrial Relations Act (IRA) when it continued to strike despite its obligation to discontinue once Labour Minister Dion Foulkes had referred the dispute to the Industrial Tribunal because the strike had “threatened the public interest” in August.

Thus, Justice Winder said the government was “entitled” to injunctive relief.


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