Haiti – News :

An USGPN officer shot dead
On Wednesday, Constable Clifford Dardignac, assigned to the General Security Unit of the National Palace (USGPN) has been shot dead in Delmas 59 by several unidentified individuals when he had just completed a banking transaction.

Hunger Strike, 4 Students in difficulty
Four of the 15 students at the Faculty of Law and Economics who have been on a hunger strike since Sunday 13 October to obtain the resignation of Jovenel Moïse, already need medical assistance See also :

Champs de mars : Clashes
Wednesday a climate of tension reigned in the Champ de Mars where were held the funerals of activists and people killed in the context of anti-government demonstrations. Agents of the General Security Unit of the National Palace (USGPN) dispersed the militants by shooting. At least one person was shot and was evacuated by an ambulance of the Haitian Red Cross. A police vehicle was burned.

“Haiti wants a chance” dixit Michaëlle Jean
“Haiti wants its luck, its hope ! An act of reason, of responsibility. May the country breathe calm, stability, dignity. May the courage of women, men, young people from the deep country who demand an investment in their daily efforts be rewarded,” declared Michaëlle Jean.


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