Dominican Republic: Two interested companies technical audit of the vote

Only two companies were interested in the tender for the technical audit of the automated voting that was under way and that the Central Electoral Board (JCE) annulled to give way to the forensic investigation after the results of the Dominican Liberation Party primaries ( PLD) and that have been questioned by former president Leonel Fernández.

This is Guzmán Tapia PKF and the Pontezuela-Bidaga-Alhambra-Eidos Consortium. The first presented an economic offer for RD $ 10,000,000 and the second for RD $ 8,240,000. Both not including 10% for ITBIS.

However, when the tender had already been completed, that is, on September 10 of this year, there were only 26 days left for the celebration of the primaries of last 6 of this month.

And that both companies proposed a delivery time of final reports of 25 and 30 days respectively for the conclusion of the audit, without considering any unforeseen events that may occur during the development of the audit.


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