THE Ministry of Housing and Lands, through the National Housing Corporation (NHC), is tapping into another revenue stream which could help to fund several programmes across the island while at the same time selling, demolishing or putting old government buildings back into use.

This was revealed by Minister in that Ministry, Charles Griffith, who on Tuesday led off the debate on a resolution to vest in the National Housing Corporation a piece of land and building in Indian Ground, St. Peter.

Formerly the Indian Ground Primary School, the building was closed 1998. Minister Griffith explained that the Seventh Day Adventist Church would have expressed an interest in acquiring that particular location, noting that Government will fetch $400 000 from the property in the process.

“We believe that these funds can be used to help repair those 850 wells that are across our 49 building estates on the island.”

Minister Griffith revealed that as promised, the Ministry has completed its audit of all abandoned buildings on the island and 36 have been identified.


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