Bahamas: Lock Them Up-Judge Warns Jail Terms Needed For Illegal Migrants

A JUDGE yesterday lamented that court fines do not seem to be a deterrent to illegal immigration and were “making things worse”, adding undocumented migrants will “go to jail for a longer time” if they keep coming to her court.

The comments came from Senior Magistrate Carolyn Vogt-Evans after she sentenced several undocumented migrants to prison for immigration offenses.

Among them were five Haitian men who were sentenced to a collective ten months at the Bahamas Department of Correctional Services for illegal landing.

Torly Rafael, Flerice Honore, Jilean Octave, Gregoire Jude and Jimo Joseph were each sentenced to two months in prison for their actions. Joseph, 19, of Port de Paix, was living under the radar in the Bahamas for over a year up to the time he was captured by immigration authorities.

Before receiving their respective sentences, Rafael, Honore, Octave and Jude each expressed remorse for their actions, with Honore and Octave saying they snuck in for a “better life” and to escape the “reality” of what is happening in Haiti.


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