Dominican Republic: Primary outcome was disappointing

Leaders of the Civic Participation Citizen movement described as disappointing the result of the primary of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) and the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM), because it was not possible to break with the market for buying and selling consciences around the centers of voting, nor was the use of state resources in favor of the official candidates controlled.

The statement was made by Miriam Díaz Santana and Francisco Álvarez, who regretted that the Central Electoral Board (JCE) has been trapped in the allegations of fraud by the candidate Leonel Fernández, of the PLD.
Díaz Santana said that the recently passed Law on Parties is intended to exercise control over the internal processes of the parties, but the events that occurred in the primaries show that such legislation is not enough.

“For 20 years we had expected a Law on Parties that would organize these institutions, which would ensure that there was greater order and compliance with certain rules of democracy, more control from the electoral authorities, but the result has been really disappointing, because neither control of public and private resources was achieved.

“Nor was it possible to reduce the inequality that has characterized the Dominican elections, and that has been increasingly accentuated,” he said.


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