Guyana: Shuman in talks with APNU

Liberty and Justice Party (LJP) presidential candidate Lenox Shuman has had discussions with APNU about a possible coalescing but says that no decision has yet been made as he is still to do a “a final analysis”.

“At the launch of the party, we had sent out a letter to all of the other parties to have talks with them. I got responses and have met with ANUG, FED UP and APNU…so yes, we have had talks with APNU,” he told Stabroek News yesterday.

“Everything needs a final analysis. There are a lot of considerations to be taken…,” he added.

Shuman was quick to point out that the talks did not encompass  discussion of any ministerial or party position for members of the LJP as the talks were to gain insight into what developmental plans each party had for the country and how he would be better able to fuse with them to make “a better Guyana”.


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