Bahamas: It’S Time For National Debate On Gay Marriage And Abortion

PINERIDGE MP Frederick McAlpine says The Bahamas needs a national conversation about letting gay couples enter civil unions and legalising abortion, both of which he believes eligible people should be entitled to.

He spoke to The Tribune yesterday as news of a planned gay pride parade next year sparked intense discussion across social media in recent days.

Elected officials have historically shied away from discussing hot button issues like gay rights and abortion in any detail, but the outspoken Free National Movement MP, who is also a pastor, confronted the issues head-on when contacted yesterday.

“People do not see homosexuality and lesbianism in the same light as they did 20 years ago,” he said. “I don’t think the country is accepting but the country has matured in that area mainly because everyone can look in their family and find one of them, two of them, three of them.”

Civil unions are legally recognised arrangements that provide most or all the rights of marriage but not the title.


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