LeBron James Accused Of Kowtowing To Beijing By Calling Morey Tweet ‘Misinformed’

Offering perhaps the most stark example yet of how pressure from Beijing is influence the discourse both within and around the NBA in the wake of the now-infamous Daryl Morey tweet expressing support for the Hong Kong pro-democracy movement, LA Lakers star LeBron James – the league’s biggest star and one of the world’s most dominant athletes – criticized Morey for not being “educated on the situation” and warned that freedom of speech can sometimes have “a lot of negatives that come with it.”

James’s remark, made during a pre-game interview ahead of the Lakers’ pre-season game against the Golden State Warriors, sparked an immediate backlash, with one lawmaker (Florida’s Rick Scott) criticizing the basketball star for “putting profits over human rights.”

During his response to a question about the controversy, James insisted he didn’t want to “get into a feud” with Morey before gently criticizing his decision to send the tweet, which prompted a furor in Beijing and threatened the future of the League’s broadcast deals on the mainland, a market with hugely lucrative potential.

James claimed that “so many people could have been harmed” by Morey’s tweet, not just financially, but “physically, emotionally [and] spiritually” as well.


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