Haiti – News :

Réginald Boulos pays people in the demonstrations…
The businessman Reginald Boulos, recently passed in the camp of the opponents of President Jovenel Moïse and leader of the movement “Third Way”, says he finances a brigade, a personal initiative, whose mission would be to prevent slippages and cases of looting during the demonstrations “Yes, people are paid, to take part in the demonstrations and to ensure that everything goes well […]”

The IACHR urges the Haitian State
At its 173rd regular session of the UN, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) expressed its concern at the worsening of violence in the context of the political crisis in Haiti. IACHR urges the [Haitian] State to take the necessary measures to guarantee the right to freedom of peaceful assembly […] Likewise, the Commission urges all Haitian political forces to return to the peaceful means of political consultation and to preserve the democratic institutions of the country.

Travel of nearly 600 years in the past
As part of the presentation of the unpublished objects of his collection, the MUPANAH invites the public to discover pieces of Amerindian vase, bowl and handle that go back to the years (1460 +/- BP). These artifacts are evidence of the ostientoid culture. A culture that is characterized among other things by its distinctive pottery with surface treatments including paint, modeling and incised decor. This set comes from a prospection on the ground, carried out at Fort Liberté in February 2003.


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