Dominican Republic: Leonel warns that preventing democratic access to power brings revolution

In protest in front of the Central Electoral Board, former President Leonel Fernández reiterated his demand that a forensic audit be carried out by automated voting, insisting that it was penetrated to adulterate the results of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) primary. that give Gonzalo Castillo as the winner of the presidential candidacy.

He also warned that when democratic access to power is impeded, the road that remains is the revolution. However, he clarified that society wants peace and tranquility, so political crime must give way to seriousness. “We demand in accordance with our rights that a thorough investigation of this fraud be made, responsibilities are established and those responsible are brought to justice,” Fernandez said in front of dozens of followers.

He reiterated that as the process has passed, what corresponds is the forensic audit, which amounts to an autopsy, because that crime cannot go unpunished. “If the body of electoral fraud was buried; he was buried by the decisions of the Central Electoral Board of the final calculation of results and proclamation of candidates, so I demand that this body be exhumed and the investigation is done ”.

He acknowledged the willingness to install an electronic vote as a novelty in the country, after remembering that it was a pilot project that if it was satisfactory could be used in the 2020 elections


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