Jamaica: Banks Among Worst Providers Of Customer Service – Justice Minister Tells New JPs To Demand Businesses Treat Public Better

Banks operating in Jamaica are providing some of the worst service to customers, according to Minister of Justice Delroy Chuck.

Chuck, who was speaking during the commissioning ceremony for 56 justices of the peace (JPs) for St Andrew, held at the Terra Nova All-Suite Hotel in the parish on Saturday, said that numerous businesses across the country are doing an extremely poor job at offering good service.

“Sadly, I must tell you there are far too many entities – the banks, the tax office, various places – where service is so poor in this country,” he said.

“I’m going to ask the custodes and the justices of the peace, where you see poor service, point it out. Let the people know that they are getting paid to do this service, and therefore, things must improve.”

Chuck added that he has witnessed and experienced waiting for hours at fast-food establishments where the lines are so long that they at times extend to the streets.


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