Haiti – News

The radical Beninese activist Kemi Seba inspired by Haiti
franco beninois Kemi Seba, an anti-colonial activist and figure of black radicalism and contemporary Pan-Africanism, paid tribute to Haiti, which inspired many in its struggles for political resistance, and launched a call for revolt against corrupt African elites.

Denial of Eddy Jackson Alexis
“I am in good health. I have never been attacked. Like everyone else, I am concerned about the situation in my country. Thank you to the many people who have shown their solidarity after this ‘fake news’,” Eddy Jackson Alexis, Secretary of State for Communication.

Minister Edwing Charles in the Bahamas
Friday after attending the match Haiti vs Costa Rica on Thursday , Edwing Charles, the Minister of Youth and Sports met with his counterpart of the Bahamas Ms. Lanisha R. Lotte. The discussions focused on sport development programs and the initiatives to be undertaken to mentor young people by offering them more opportunities.


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