Dominican Republic: PLD Electoral Commission supports JCE results

The National Electoral Commission of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) yesterday offered its support to the Central Electoral Board (JCE) for the primary process and for the results offered, which it described as transparent.

At a press conference, Lidio Cadet, coordinator of the commission, said that the work carried out by the electoral agency produced “clear results as never before” in the country.
Cadet said the transparency of the process was certified by universities whose technicians considered the automated voting system used by the JCE satisfactory.

“The National Electoral Commission of the PLD recognizes and identifies with the final results of the primaries made known by the proclamation of the election of candidates,” said Cadet.
He said that those who militate in the parties are obliged to defend democracy, which is the best system known so far.

Conclude jobs. Lidio Cadet also explained that the commission of that commission, whose work began in April of this year, is about to be completed but they have to fill the reservations, the registration of the elected candidates and add the candidates to the Central American Parliament (Parlacen), the Overseas deputies and apply the gender and youth quota.


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