Bahamas: Domes Unveiled To House 1,000 People In Abaco

THE family centre relief site in Abaco that will feature dome housing structures capable of withstanding 180mph to 200mph winds will accommodate 250 domes and about 1,000 people, according to co-chair of disaster and reconstruction committee, John-Michael Clarke.

Speaking to reporters during a NEMA press conference yesterday, Mr Clarke said the first shipment of domes will arrive next week.

He said: “Each dome is 20 feet in diameter, it’s 12 feet high and each dome can accommodate up to four to five persons. …the family relief site is located just next to the Spring City subdivision in Abaco.

“The site has already been cleared and the infrastructure for the site and the materials for the infrastructure of the site will be down on Wednesday the 16th and we will start to install the infrastructure next week Thursday the 17th. …over the next five weeks we will be getting dome shipments every week until the site is fully built up.”


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