Trinidad: TT among 64 bad-pay countries to UN

THIS country is one of 64 out of 193 yet to pay their mandatory annual contribution to the United Nation’s regular budget and working capital fund for this year. This is the account that allows the international body to conduct its day-to-day activities.

In a statement read yesterday via his spokesman at the regular noon media briefing in New York, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres implored member states to pay their dues or risk the organisation defaulting on payments including salaries and goods and services.

To date, member states have paid US$1.99 billion towards the 2019 regular budget assessment. The outstanding amount is US$1.3 billion. Countries’ contributions are scaled, with least developed countries paying the minimum cap of 0.01 per cent of the total budget. TT’s contribution to the UN is 0.04 per cent. The United States, the biggest contributor to the UN’s budget with 22 per cent, also has not yet paid its 2019 dues.


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