Dominican Republic: Officials defend JCE and deplore Fernández’s attitude

Four officials and senior leaders of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) yesterday defended the transparency of the process of simultaneous internal primaries and the role of the Central Electoral Board (JCE), and warned of the danger posed by the 2020 general elections by Leonel Fernández for taking legitimacy from the elections body.

José Ramón Peralta, Flavio Darío Espinal, Monchy Fadul and Francisco Javier García, who spoke separately, agreed that the internal election process that gives the winner of the presidential candidacy of the ruling party to Gonzalo Castillo, was “good and valid, transparent ”, And called to respect the results.

Peralta, who is the administrative minister of the Presidency, lamented the “kicking” of presidential candidate Fernández, and deplored that being a figure with an important history in the country, “lied to the Dominican people” by saying that the results were altered of the primary without presenting evidence.

He affirmed that the open primaries served to demonstrate the strength of the PLD that will turn 16 in power, “and cannot allow anyone to harm him the possibility of staying in power for the benefit of the Dominican people.”


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