Haiti – News


Details on the UN statement

Following the statement of the Security Council to the at thez end of the meeting of October 3 convened urgently by the Dominican Republic diplomatic sources in Port-au-Prince specify that it is only a statement of principle and no resolution was concluded at this meeting. These same sources emphasize that this is not an UN position on the Haitian crisis, but a statement in response to the Dominican Republic’s request to call for dialogue. in Haiti and increased and sustained support from the international community.

The company Caribbean Craft burned
The craft company Caribbean Craft, a company close to the car rental company AVIS, whose more than a dozen vehicles were burned by protesters , was collateral victim of this fire that has spread and destroyed the entire factory causing tens of thousands of dollars of loss of crafts objects stored especially for the holidays. Founded in 2006, Caribbean Craft employed 150 people year-round, 50 in season and worked with a network of 250 artisans, which is now only a blackened ruin.

Haiti under the eyes of the international press
Since the demonstration on 4 October in Port-au-Prince, to demand the resignation of President Jovenel Moïse, the international press is beginning to take a closer look at the crisis in Haiti

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