Dominican Republic: Danilists and leonelistas offered money in primary PLD

The most characteristic note in the primaries of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), specifically in sectors of this municipality, was the distribution of money between danilistas and leonelistas, who offered between 500 and 2,000 pesos for the purchase of votes.

At least in sectors such as Villa Liberación, Villa Flores, Quijada Quieta and Corbano Norte, those who have more saliva will eat more puff pastry.

On a tour of Villa Liberación, a big man was seen distributing money publicly.

In Quijada Quieta, a person linked to the danilismo told this reporter “boy, this is crazy, I came early with my pockets full and I have them bare, without a speck, now I am calling the leaders to send me more.”

On his opponents, the Leonelistas, said “I think they have more than us, this is a clean ballot on both sides, let’s see what happens.”

Only in the most remote places of the urban center, such as those mentioned above, good flow of people in rows was observed to exercise the vote, instead, in the centers where the middle class resides, professionals, everything was different, little flow, as Villa Felicia, Villa Ofelia, Villa Alejandra and El Lucero.


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