Dominican Republic: Enemies of judicial independence bet on disaster

The president of the Supreme Court of Justice (SCJ), Luis Henry Molina, warned yesterday to 276 new sworn lawyers, that the enemies of the “so mented and demanded” judicial independence in the country “are not those who dare to cause common by ideas or models to manage, “but those who are still disconnected, bet on the storm and disaster.”

He assured them that true judicial independence is only achieved by applying the laws in the light of the doctrine and taking into account the jurisprudence, and urged them that when in doubt they dig into the Law as a space of the verifiable.

“Every decision of the judge must be the result of calm reflection, sound criticism and contemplation of the principles; only from that perspective is it possible to meet legal guidelines and barriers that take care of their independence, ”said the official.

He added that this intention “biased and calm” to books and codes, and to duty “gives us the necessary perspective to act before justice without damaging it.”

This is the act of swearing number eleven performed by Molina in the six and a half months that leads the Judiciary.


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