Bahamas: Pm Orders Acquisition Of Shanty Town Land

PRIME Minister Dr Hubert Minnis announced yesterday that Attorney General Carl Bethel has been instructed to compulsorily acquire land where shanty towns in Abaco once stood.

He also warned undocumented migrants to leave the country voluntarily or be forced to leave, reiterating comments he made in 2017.

This is the latest strike from the Minnis administration to thwart rebuilding and repopulation of The Mudd, Pigeon Peas and Sand Banks shanty towns.

The prime minister suggested yesterday that the move was in response to “noise” in the public concerning shanty town land.

This comes after Haitians from shanty town communities told The Tribune that they would welcome the option from the government to purchase land to rebuild their homes after Hurricane Dorian flattened virtually all structures in those areas. Others have said their lives were in limbo as they waited for clear government indication on the future plan for those areas.


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