Jamaica: Planting High-Tech Seeds Of Change – Farmers Urged To Utilise More Technology To Boost Yields, Income

Jamaica’s agricultural sector has the potential to churn out higher yields if farmers adopt more technology in their production techniques, according to information and communication technologies (ICT) and agricultural experts.

Data from the Planning Institute of Jamaica for the first quarter of the financial year (April–June, 2019) show a 2.5 per cent decline in agricultural production, partly because of devastating drought conditions across the island.

Technical services manager at Contax 360 BPO Solutions and former ICT lecturer at the Northern Caribbean University, Henry Osborne, said that if technology were to be correctly infused in the practices of farmers, more produce would be available in markets and there could be an increase in food exports.

“We are nowhere near where we can be in terms of technology use, as only the richer farmers are able to access the necessary technology, while the poorer farmers continue to use traditional methods,” Osborne observed.


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