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Day of violence in Les Cayes
On Monday Les Cayes experienced a day of violence, violent anti-government protesters ransacked several institutions in the city including the premises of the EDH and even try to attack the Immaculate Conception Hospital… One report several wounded in clashes with the police.

Opposition urges protesters…
Sunday at a press conference, Me André Michel spokesman for the radical opposition of the movement called “Democratic and Popular Sector” launched a call for the reinforcement of barricades across the streets of different cities of the country. “From North to South, from East to West, barricade, demonstrate, occupy the macadam until the installation of the Transitional Government.”

The Ministry of Justice condemns and promises
Haiti’s Justice Ministry condemned the violence perpetrated during the anti-government protests on Friday and praised the professionalism of the police who reacted tactfully and moderately despite “all kinds of provocations” and promises that the perpetrators of the violence, vandalism, looting and other crimes will be brought to justice to answer for their crimes.


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