Dominican Republic: Tourist taxi drivers support LF

The presidential candidate for the Dominican Liberation Party Leonel Fernández Reyna yesterday received the support of the Dominican Confederation of Tourist Taxi (Codotatur), which groups the tourist taxi associations of the country.

A note states that the president of the entity, Santiago Zamora, said that thanks to Fernández, hundreds of taxi drivers in his first government 96-2000, changed the fleet of vehicles for modern and comfortable, minibus and minivan, with which they gave a better service to its users.

He said that Codotatur decided to support him because he has been the only president, worried about the workers of the tourist wheel, in the understanding that in his last two governments, he continued support and help.

The text states that on Sunday all the units of the tourist taxi organizations will be on the streets to look for all the voters, who will vote for Fernandez, so that no one is left without voting.

“Mr. President, this group of men who are on the streets every day will always be working with you to take you to the presidency in May,” he said.


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