Dominican Republic: Great Santo Domingo is the ultimate expression of disrespect for urban laws

In the great Santo Domingo every time there are less public spaces available for pedestrians and even for the circulation of vehicles, because sidewalks, streets and even green areas are taken by peddlers and shopping centers.

Through a tour it was possible to verify that occupations do not occur only in the National District (DN), but also in Santo Domingo Oeste (SDO), Santo Domingo Norte (SDN) and Santo Domingo Este (SDE), places that are less and less friendly to the human being.
This practice grows without the municipal authorities and the General Directorate of Traffic Safety and Land Transportation (DIGESETT) taking action to prevent it, despite the fact that the mayor’s offices intend to exhibit that attack that evil.

In sectors such as widening La Fe, Villa Juana, Villa Consuelo, Villa Francisca, Espaillat, February 27, Villa María, in commercial arteries such as Duarte, Paris, José Martí, Father Castellanos, Albert Thomas and others of the DN, it is almost impossible walk on sidewalks, because these are occupied by workshops and sales of all types of goods.

The sidewalks and parts of the vehicle lanes of the section of Duarte Avenue, from Paris to the New Market, are full of peddlers who display their merchandise in tarantines.

But the same happens in the José Martí and surrounding streets, where importers have taken over the roads.


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