Haiti – News :

A security officer of the prosecution shot dead
Friday, Waslin Saint-Fleur, a security officer of the Procuratorate of Port-au-Prince, was shot dead at his residence by unidentified individuals. He was assigned to the close security of former Government Commissioner Paul Eronce Villard, who resigned on 26 September

Violent street battle in Cap-Haitien
Saturday in Cap-Haïtien several dozens of pro and anti-government protesters clashed violently on the national #6, armed with sticks, some machetes threw stones, bottles and other objects, several physical battles between activists of two groups, would have made an indeterminate number of wounded.

2 more days of announced demonstrations
As the country struggles to recover from the heavy damage caused by violent protests last Friday, the radical opposition announces two new days of anti-government mobilization on Monday, September 30 and Tuesday, October 1, to demand the resignation of President Moïse again. See also :

Despite the protests, some young people have planted trees
Friday alorst that the country was shaken by violent anti-government demonstrations, the young people of “Baille Tourible” section of Thomonde (located at the Haitian-Dominican border, Dept. Centre) joining the great movement “Fridays For Future” launched by young Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, walked for the climate and took the opportunity to plant trees to contribute to Haiti’s reforestation efforts.


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