Dominican Republic: Armed Forces and PN guarantee primary peace next Sunday

The defense minister, Lieutenant General Rubén Darío Paulino Sem, guarantees peace and tranquility during the primaries of the Dominican Liberation (PLD) and Modern Revolutionary (PRM) parties next Sunday for which 78 thousand members of that institution will be quartered from next Thursday.

He explained that traditionally, through the Military Electoral Police (PME), members are available to serve as custody in these processes.
Therefore, he said, he has 48,000 members to guard the polling stations, while 30,000 will be in reserve in the institutions to be available if necessary.

He said that the measures are taken, although it is a movement of people to voting centers, a traditional civic process in the Dominican Republic.

Paulino Sem was approached after participating in the Mass held at the Military Camp August 16, on the occasion of his employer, San Miguel Arcángel.

He said that as of Thursday the Ministry of Defense will have the quarters in the different institutions of the Armed Forces and the National Police to make them available to the Electoral Military Police.

He recalled that as agreed during training, members of the Military Electoral Police will work in large voting centers with non-lethal weapons, especially where disturbances traditionally occur.


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