NOW more than ever there is power in using financial literacy to drive positive change in the lives of all Barbadians.

So says Executive Vice President & General Manager Sagicor Life Inc., Edward Clarke, who was speaking during the official opening ceremony of the inaugural Sagicor Financial Fair 2019 yesterday.

He made the point that as the country goes through macroeconomic adjustments, restructuring debt and setting goals for the future, it stands to reason that citizens should take more than a passing interest in their fiscal health and towards their own improvements.

“It has been proven and recorded that a financially literate populace can be positioned to succeed, that they can manage financial adversity and uncertainty, must be able to deal with unexpected expenses, ride the rising cost of living and deal with a decline or loss of income, which some of us have experienced over the last few years.”

He added that, globally, it is said that most people don’t expect to have enough money to retire comfortably, tend to live pay cheque to pay cheque and don’t have enough for an emergency.


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