Dominican Republic: President JCE insists there is no possibility of hacking

The president of the Central Electoral Board (JCE) insisted that there is no chance of hacking the automated vote because the 7,372 polling stations are not aligned with each other nor will they be connected to the internet during the vote.

He said that to hack the system it would be necessary to have a great conspiracy and 7,372 hackers at the same time connected after 4:00 pm on the day of the simultaneous primary of October 6, which is when the transmission of the results begins .

He also indicated that you cannot return to the manual counting system that has already been proven to fail. He reiterated that the primaries are a matter of the Dominican Liberation (PLD) and Modern Revolutionary (PRM) parties, which are the only ones that have the right to give their opinion on the model created.

In the last days from the sector of the candidate of the PLD Leonel Fernández the Automated voting system and the possibility of illegal intrusion have been questioned, so they ask for manual counting.
Castaños discussed the issue during a meeting with representatives of the Diplomatic and Consular Corps about the assembly of the primaries.


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