Bahamas: Tropical Storm Karen May Start Moving Back Towards The Bahamas

WEATHER officials are keeping a close eye on Tropical Storm Karen, telling The Tribune it was too early to definitively state whether the country would be directly affected by this weather system.

Geoffrey Greene, chief meteorologist at the Department of Meteorology, said by early next week experts should have a better understanding of what to expect from Karen.

“It should be moving back towards the west by early next week, so this weekend it will be moving to the north and then it will make a clockwise rotation and then move back towards the west towards us,” Mr Greene told The Tribune.

“So as that happens we expect that early next week we would maybe have to put out some warning for The Bahamas if it continues to move in our direction.

“If it makes a turn towards the north, again then we would have to put something out. It all depends on when it starts to make that move.”

Mr Greene said it was too early to say what portion of The Bahamas, if any might, be affected.

“That’s the thing. We would have to watch to see because right now we only know that it’s going to make a clockwise rotation then it’s going to move towards the west. We don’t know how far it’s going to be near the central and southeast, or if it’s going to be closer to the northwest Bahamas.


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